Bonillas History

History of Bonillas Elementary
Portrait of Ignacio Bonillas  Ignacio Bonillas
The Ignancio Bonillas School opened on Monday, January 11th 1954 to help support the large amount of students at Peter Hollow Elementary. The principal, Ms. Mary McDiarmid welcomed 650 students to the brand new school after serving as the principal of Menlo Park school for six years. In September of 1954, the school was officially dedicated by Governor Howard Pyle. Over many years, Bonillas expanded and in 1983, Bonillas reopened as Bonillas Basic Curriculum Magnet School. Today, Bonillas Traditional Elementary Magnet School serves close to 400 students throughout the city of Tucson.


January 11th, 1954
Photo of Bonillas Campus in 1954Photo of Bonillas Campus from 1954

Dedication and Open House: Thursday, September 30, 1954