Dress Code

At Bonillas Traditional Magnet School, students dress for success.

This is an important aspect of our school to ensure when students come to school the focus is on their academic achievement.


Tops: Polo top or turtle neck. One solid color (any color)


Bonillas T-Shirts: Bonillas t-shirts may be worn on Fridays.


Bottoms: Tan, Navy, Black uniform style pants. Shorts, skirts, skorts etc. must be to the knee.


Leggings / Tights: During the winter, leggings and tights can be worn. Permitted colors are navy blue, black or white.


Shoes: Closed toed shoes only.


Hats/Head wear: Hats and caps are only permitted outside. Headbands are permitted but limited to simple plastic or cloth. Head bands with ‘cat ears’ or other items sticking out of them are not permitted.


Winter Clothing: Solid color jacket and sweaters with or without hood is permitted. Hoods can only be utilized outside.  


1st Fridays: Each first Friday of the month, students are permitted to wear free dress. Students must pay $1 in order to dress down. Parents may choose to pay $10 in advance at the beginning of the year.


We appreciate all parents and students following our dress code guidelines.  

If you have specific questions please contact the front office.